Frisör Klier

Collection Shooting, Hamburg


Project: Collection Shooting, Hamburg
Client: Frisör Klier GmbH

With over 1,200 stores, Frisör Klier is one of the largest system hairdressers in Europe. After revitalizing the corporate identity, we developed a corporate design for the entire group in 2014, which included the creation of a visual language for in-house image productions. The idea is to give glamour to the normal customer by visiting the hairdresser and to give the staff more corporate spirit by refreshing its look. For this purpose, we developed a Polaroid frame that emphasizes the individual subject - gives it glamour - and tells so many stories that unite into one. These Polaroid frames were also used to publish images from collection shootings, for example. In the following years we produced photo shoots to show hairstyle trends for Frisör Klier, which were published in print as well as digitally.



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